181548Refer a friend and receive 2 free lessons


Each time you refer a friend to Josh’s Guitar lessons you are eligible for 2 FREE lessons in the following month. The referred student must pay for a month of lessons (i.e. R500 for 30 minutes or R600 for 40 minutes up front). Once payment is received your next invoice for 1 month of lessons will be minus the cost of 2 lessons (R250, or R300, depending on lesson length). There is no limit to the amount of referrals one student can make.


calendarMONTHLY giveaway – 1 FREE Lesson to a lucky student


Every month I will give away 1 FREE lesson to a student who has paid for 2 months of lessons for 2 consecutive months (i.e: R600 for 40 minutes lessons or R500 for 30 minute lessons, over 2 months). This student will be determined by a random draw. Any student who wins will not be entered into the draw for the following month (i.e. no student can win twice in a row). There is no limit to the amount of lessons a student can win.