Lessons for adults

cover-page_-boarder-beginnerCourse Structure

The coursework is broken down into two books, the beginner and intermediate coursework, both containing modules that cover various techniques. The modules gradually increase in difficulty and can therefore be completed at a comfortable pace.

Each module contains a range of songs over a wide variety of genres. You can choose songs according to your taste and preference.


Affordability and flexibility

30 Minute Lessons
– R540 per month*
(4 x R135 per lesson)

40 Minute Lessons (Recommended for adults)
– R660 per month*
(4 x R165 per lesson)

*Travel Charges R3.25 per km round trip

Lessons are generally conducted weekly to allow time to practice, although you may choose to have lessons more frequently (at R165 per lesson).

Variety of musical styles, tailored to your preference

The course covers a wide array of genres within the techniques and songs covered. These include Pop, Rock, Blues, Folk, Fingerstyle and more. You will have the ability to choose between various genres right from the start learning songs you enjoy, while still learning the techniques that could be applied to the other genres within the songs of the same chapter.

Gaining a skill through mastering techniques

Once you have mastered the techniques outlined in the coursework you will be well positioned to begin learning any song that you like. The underlying knowledge of guitar is true for all genres so all the techniques learned in the coursework can be applied to any musical genre. Some of the techniques you can expect to learn include:

  • Chord changes
  • Finger picking
  • Strumming
  • Slides
  • Hammer ons and pull offs
  • Rhythm
  • Tablature

Clear indications of your progress

The modules that make up the coursework make it easy to track your own progress. Each chapter has a specific set of skills and songs to be learned. Your goals and progress are therefore easy to see, and this can be very motivating. These goals and signs of progress can also be applied to any song outside of the coursework that you decide to learn.