Lessons for adults

cover-page_-boarder-beginnerCourse Structure

The coursework is broken down into 2 books, the beginner and intermediate coursework, containing modules that cover various techniques. The modules have an even gradient of difficulty and can be taken at a comfortable pace. Each module contains a range of songs over a wide variety of genres. You may choose songs to learn depending on your preference. The course can be taken in a linear learning style, advancing consecutively through each module, or you may choose to work through the coursework depending on which songs you find interesting.

Affordability and flexibility

The lessons offered are either 30 or 40 minutes long. 40 minutes is recommended for adults. 40 minute lessons cost R600 p/m and the coursework is charged at cost (R150 per book), or free if sent via email as a PDF. The lessons are generally conducted weekly to allow time for sufficient practice, although you may choose to have lessons more frequently (at a cost of R150 per lesson) if you have time available and are motivated. The lessons can also be conducted in your home (please see applicable travel fees) or at the Parktown North Studio.

Variety of musical styles, tailored to your preference

The course covers a wide array of genres within the techniques and songs covered. These include Pop, Rock, Blues, Folk, Fingerstyle and more. You will have the ability to choose between various genres right from the start learning songs you enjoy, while still learning the techniques that could be applied to the other genres within the songs of the same chapter.

Gaining a skill through mastering techniques

If you successfully learn and complete all the techniques outlined in the coursework you will be able to go on to learn a wide array of song of your choosing. The underlying knowledge of guitar is true for all genres and all the techniques learned in the coursework can be applied to a multitude of genres. Some of the techniques you can expect to learn include:

  • Chord changes
  • Finger picking
  • Strumming
  • Slides
  • Hammer ons and pull offs
  • Rhythm
  • Tablature

Clear indications of your progress

As mentioned, the coursework is broken down into modules. It is therefore easy for you to track your own progress. Each chapter has a specific set of skills and songs to be learned. Your goals and progress are therefore made clear, and this contributes to motivation. These goals and signs of progress can also be applied to any song outside of the coursework that you decide to learn.


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