Do I need experience?

No prior guitar experience required! Lessons are designed to meet the needs of students who are just starting out.

Can I still get lessons if I have some experience?

Yes. The lessons can be tailored to help you to build off of any existing experience you have.

Why should my first guitar be a nylon string?

Nylon string guitars are easier for beginners because the strings are softer and they are further apart on the fret boards which allows for a bigger ‘target’ for your fingers while your agility and strength are being developed.

Can I choose which songs I learn?

Initially you will have to learn the songs that are set out in the course material since they are chosen specifically for the purpose of teaching certain techniques, but as you progress in the lessons, you will be able to pick songs and genres that suit your preferences.

Is it necessary to have a week between each lesson?

You can have lessons more frequently than once a week if you have a lot of time available for practice. If lessons are taken too close together, there may not be enough time available to practice what has been learned.

Can I learn electric guitar?

Yes. The techniques used for acoustic guitar are the same as the techniques used for electric guitar. You can use an electric guitar during your lessons, but it may be worth noting that it is easier to learn guitar on an acoustic.

What do I need besides a guitar?

You will need plectrums to pluck your strings with, and a guitar tuner.