How-To Tutorial

A (bad) explanation of how to read guitar tablature

Reading tablature is easy to do – once you know how! Tablature – or simply ‘tabs’ – are an alternative to the more traditional music notation.  Tabs have the reputation of being easier to read than traditional music notation because they use the more direct approach of showing you exactly where to place your fingers on the guitar. However, this representation of the fret board is ‘flipped over’, making the tab diagrams seem upside-down to the untrained eye. This is one of those things that ‘clicks’ over time, making any explanation of tablature essentially a bad one – just give your brain time to adjust to the inverted pictures, and you will be reading tabs in no time!

Help! My tablature is upside down!

If the tabs seem upside down to you – that’s because they are! Tabs are written from the perspective of the guitarist – as if the guitarist is upside down! Continue reading “A (bad) explanation of how to read guitar tablature”

Top Tips

Staying tuned during the festive season

It seems like throughout the year all we can think about are the holidays and all the free time we will have to pursue the things we love. However when December finally rolls around we often become so enthusiastic about dropping our work commitments that we end up accidentally dropping our hobbies and holiday goals too. Here are 5 tips to help you to get the most out of the festive season, and seize the precious me-time available right now.

1. Make sure your guitar is in sight

As the saying goes, out of sight is out of mind. Make sure that your guitar rests in a place where you will see it every day. Continue reading “Staying tuned during the festive season”